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Data Layer

VXSN (Very eXtinsible Stored Nodes) is a data layer utilizing the file system directory/file paradigm to form the basis of node-tree data store. The term data layer is an abstract representation of a data access layer that is defined as "a layer of a computer program which provides simplified access to data stored in persistent storage of some kind." VXSN was designed to provide networked application developers with a data layer that can be rapidly adopted and deployed.


Installation is straigtforward and simple. See Getting Started in the Downloads section for application-specific deployment instructions. For server applications, the server user must have read and write privileges to the absolute data path.

PHP users. VXSN has been tested on PHP 5.4+ and 7.0+ on ext3, ext4 and NTFS volumes. The bcmath library is a required dependency. Be sure your PHP install supports the bcpow function. The AWS S3 SDK for PHP (v2 or v3) is required for S3 replication.

Building an Example Application

This tutorial will run you through building a rudimentary application with basic user authentication and sample contact cards.

Download the tutorial files here (COMING SOON).